Wednesday, December 12, 2012


The computer is not done. They were working on it last night so there was another night of flipping through channels to find something to watch.

It seems I do not own a copy of Charlie Brown Christmas or, if I do, it's some place other than with all my DvDs. I am rather upset at this. It seems to me, cross-stitching would be a lot more fun with a Vince Guaraldi soundtrack behind it. And, in cleaning the CDs up back in summer, I didn't put all the Christmas ones together. Somewhere, in the stacks, I have "A Charlie Brown Christmas". I couldn't lay my hands on it.

So, I was "forced" to flip through the channels looking for something interesting to "watch" as I stitched. I've almost got this section done. One more day, actually, but I'm committed to hanging out with Pam tonight. If the computer is finished, I'll have so much stuff to reinstall, but I can stitch while I swap discs.

The girls have enjoyed my computer-less life. Pilchard loves the ability to hop into the lap whenever she wants. Either she or Mija will hop up into the recliner next to me and flop down. I've long said that there is nothing more relaxing than a purring cat next to you. Stress just seems to melt away. The only problem is, when I get up to make another cup of tea...

someone takes my spot.

"But mom, it's so nice and warm." I hate to move her, but that is my spot, next to the light.

Beverage:  Huckleberry tea


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