Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Holiday Muffins

Egg nog is back.

I love egg nog regardless of the calories. I don't like rum in it and homemade egg nog can be a real hit or miss affair. Give me the store bought stuff. I have lovely memories of sipping egg nog while watching the snow fall around Christmas or going caroling and coming back to egg nog and hot cocoa and cookies.

I have these two great recipes for egg nog muffins. They are so good. One of the recipes calls for rum. I just substitute an equal amount of egg nog. The other is just flour, sugar, eggs, egg nog and spices.

I made one batch over the weekend. The hardest part is greasing the muffin tray for the batter.

Don't those look good? You're supposed to let them cool, but I have to tell you, warmed with a small pat of butter...heaven.

They didn't last the weekend. Now I have to make the other recipe.

Beverage:  Dunkin Donuts tea


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