Monday, December 31, 2012

Makes Me Easy to Buy For

The Christmas gifts this year were heavy on food. That's not necessarily a bad thing. Once the food is gone, there's nothing to have to dust or find a spot for or thank the giver profusely for while thinking, "OMG, this is the most hideous shirt I have ever seen. What was she thinking?"

My friends know me quite well. Meredith sent the hot cocoa 9 pack and the two boxes of tea. Patt sent the chocolate chip cookies from a company called Geoff and Drew's. I've never heard of them before. I have yet to eat one of the cookies. That's on tap for tomorrow.

Terry sent the adorable snowman ornament complete with two pieces of chocolate. The scone mix, the chocolate cats and the Crater Lake hot cocoa mix are courtesy of my daughter.

I've been working on the hot cocoa mix. She sent me Ghirardelli hot cocoa for my birthday. That's definitely a sipping kind of cocoa, rich and chocolatey. The Crater Lake hot cocoa is from her trip west in September and it has a tinge of huckleberry in it. That might sound a bit weird but it's really good. My problem is that I make the hot cocoa and then get side tracked so, by the time I come back to drink it, it's tepid cocoa. Still, there is a lovely berry flavor, not at all overpowering to the cocoa. I'll probably drink the whole bottle and then start on Meredith's cocoa flavors. Might last me through January.

I kind of like being somewhat predictable in this fashion. You know that if you send me chocolate or tea, it's the right size, always fits and is always appreciated. Plus, I toss some of the chocolate into my work lunches and I think of you when I eat it.

Try doing that with a sweater.

Beverage:  Irish Breakfast tea


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