Sunday, December 2, 2012

Almost Like Stars

It might be a bit hard to see, but there are two pinpoints of light in this photo. Funny how the big DSLR camera from work that we use in our inspections wouldn't take a picture of this, yet my silly cell phone camera would.

These are the solar lights next to the edges of the deck stairs. I blogged about them last month. You can see that it's not a whole lot of light. It's more a measure of where the stairs are than a real big illumination.

My back house light hasn't worked in a long time and, right now, there is no money for an electrician. I have a bunch of other electrical projects I would like him to do so I'm saving up. These pinpoints of light are just what I need to find the stairs in the gloom and make it into the house without incident. They give off a nice pattern, too, when you get close but I couldn't get a photo of that to look like what I see.

A $10 investment yields big dividends. I like that.

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