Friday, December 21, 2012

12-21-12 in the Morning

The morning was clear and reasonably cold for the winter solstice. The "great blizzard of 2012" started off at 4-6, then 1-3 inches of snow. By last night, the weather people were saying .6 of an inch. With clear blue skies predicted for the next few days and temperatures over freezing, even this dusting won't last maybe even beyond today.

I will admit to being somewhat interested in the whole "End of the World" stuff that was hyped. Given the recent turn of events, having the end of the world come and then having our atoms scattered and reformed might mean we'd do a better job of getting along and helping those who need help on our next world. And it can be a good party game to ask, "How do you think the world will end?" "The Cubs will win the World Series and 3 days later the Four Horsemen will ride down Michigan Avenue stopping traffic."

In reality, when we exhaust this planet's resources or make it so hot that life is unsustainable, I envision people leaving for some place else. It will be tough to trace genealogy at that point. "Oh her? She's buried back on Earth and it's too hot to go back there." Sometimes I wonder what my ancestors would think were they to walk about the earth now. Nothing would be as they knew it. Maybe they know that.

So, the world didn't end. In fact, it continues along it's bumpy course. Apocalyptic commentary really hasn't forced us to look within on what we would do to make the life of everyone on the planet better, but it has spawned some really good jokes on Facebook today.

Happy Solstice and here's to another year!

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