Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Simple Act

Today was the day I sat down to go from rich to poor in 20 minutes. I hate doing it because it emphasizes the "I don't have" over the "I do have". But the good news is that I paid all the bills and there is money left over to pay for the plumber coming on Tuesday morning, as long as said plumber doesn't exceed $700. Beyond that and I'm sunk. I've also been able to order my daughter's birthday and Christmas presents (David is done.), which made me feel good too.

It's a day for accomplishing things. Nothing is ever a simple 2 step process. Take sweeping the floors. I sweep but it's maybe once every other month that I "sweep". Take the rugs outside and shake them. Pile everything on the floor on top of the recliner. Remove the dust from Pilchard's tail because she chose to sit next to the pile you've swept up. Move the recliner and lamps. Find the cat toys in the corners and pull the dust off them. Sweep the dust through the kitchen to the back door where it can be scooped up and dumped in the garbage. Oh and repeatedly bang the dust mop on the deck to knock off the strings of dust bunnies and bits of dried leaves that stick to the mop. Once this is done, put everything back.

I have to sit down now. I must remember, when I go see the doctor this month for a follow up, to mention my gait. My right hip hurts from doing the above. It was a 30 minute job but I feel as I did in my 9th month of pregnancy when I developed sciatica. I'm sure it's because, unconsciously, I have altered my standing, my moving and my walking to reflect the problems with my knees. A 15 minute rest and I'll be able to work on dishes and another project.

This simple act, though hardly simple in execution, has made my house feel cleaner. I walk into the living room and it looks nice. Pilchard's sitting on and sitting in boxes are still there as is the box of toys. A few are scattered across the floor. The rugs are stretched out until later when they will be attacked. There's dusting I could do, but the simple act of sweeping the floor has lifted my spirits. All of the dust and dirt I saw when I would sit in the recliner and read is gone. It's a good way to end October.

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