Sunday, October 30, 2011

An Official Ending

I have a horrible case of "I'llgetothatlater" syndrome. There is no known cure for it and it is responsible for my losing things, delaying decisions on things and the general "piling", as opposed to "filing" system that I maintain.

If you told me, earnestly, two years ago, that I would be paying 90% of my bills online, I would have laughed at you, really, really laughed at you. But such is the case now. It is very rare anymore, that I write a check for a bill.

I had to, however, today as there are a couple of companies whose online time to credit my account is longer than if I write a check and mail it. Plus, I wanted to order the 2011 Campbell Soup collector's ornament and that required a check. There was only one in the checkbook when meant a trip to the drawer to get a new stack. That's where the syndrome comes in.

On the left side of the drawer were checks from the old bank, the one that screwed me, that caused my financial problems. I know I held onto them until all accounts were closed, but that's now been 16 months. I can safely get rid of all the blank checks.

It was a great feeling to rip all these in half and drop them in the recycling bin. My involvement with this company will be for years to come as I continue to pay off what I owe. They have, in the past two months, tried to change the terms of the agreements hashed out in the summer. I just get a bill with a new amount on it. I call and tell them, "No, that amount is not the amount I agreed to." They make some comment about "re-examining all accounts" and I tell them I have a letter and they better not change anything. Then I write all this down and send a letter to my congressman and the Illinois Attorney General.

And I get a rather perverse pleasure out of talking to some person who has been handed my file and calls to say, "I need to talk to you about your credit card." "I don't have a credit card with you." "Well, I see an overdue balance here." "On an active credit card?" "Um..." "You people closed my cards years ago without letting me know which is, as you should know, against the law. I have never received a reason why nor have I received an apology. I don't have a credit card with you and I pay my bill on time so calling me is wasting both your time and my time. Have a good day." Click.

I know. I know. The person on the other end of the line is just doing what they were told and is trying to make a living. Probably, they were just hired 9 months ago. They have no idea this mess is 2 years old now. I should be more courteous.

As I ripped up these checks, I thought about the last 2 years. They haven't apologized. They have never explained what happened. I won't yell or swear, but I certainly won't listen to anything they have to say when it doesn't seem that they honor it. Ripping up these checks symbolically ends our relationship. I have to hold canceled checks for 10 years but you can be certain, when I rip up the final check, 10 years from now, I will toast that with a hearty glass of ale.

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