Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Sewing and Football

Sunday, I finished the last 7 ornaments stuffed and waiting to be closed. Then, I counted what I'd done. You know, when you're three-fourths paying attention to counting and one-fourth paying attention to someone named Devon Hester run a punt back for a touchdown, your counting can get off. I had to mute the TV and do it twice more to be certain of the total.

That's 49 ornaments completed. I dug out the planner and looked over the list of friends and family. I'd love to send something to everyone in the book this year. My original count was 61. I was off by 14. Now, don't you cluck at me and, graciously, reply, "Oh you don't have to send me anything this year. Your friendship is gift enough." (My money is on Perry to parrot that back or Daniel if Perry doesn't. Patt might do it too, just because it will make me laugh.) Just you hush. I do this because I want to, because it's fun. Don't make me stamp my feet, mainly because it hurts my knees to do that.

I had more material left to cut out blocks so I did that later in the day on Sunday.

I honestly, don't know how many I have here. Some were on the salvage edge or where the material was cut from the bolt and will be a bit smaller than others. I will have one oddball because one of the black and white trim Santas and one of the red and white square Santas were missing mates. They are the same size so we'll stick those together.

There is football this weekend so tonight the task, in between dishes, is to pin on trims. Then I can stitch the trims tomorrow and they can be turned and stuffed during the football game on Saturday. I'm so hoping I have just enough trim to finish this without a trip to the store. Once these are done, I have another project in my head that I want to make as Christmas gifts.

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