Sunday, October 16, 2011

So Many Patterns

Today, I will work on the last bunch of ornaments to be turned, stuffed and sewn. Then it's time to look ahead to the next project. I know exactly what I want to do. It involves a trip to the fabric store, which sent me wonderful coupons in the mail last week (almost as if they knew. Where did I put my tin foil hat?)

I went to the basement to do wash and to rummage around for the pattern I know I have. I used to sew a lot more than I do now. When Carole was in grade school, I made quite a few of her clothes. I sewed stuff for myself.

This is an old metal pattern storage unit. I got it some 25 years ago. A fabric store where a friend of a friend worked part-time was going out of business. Everything was for sale including fixtures. At the time, I had my patterns stuffed in boxes. It got to the end of the going out of business sale and the store owner started giving stuff away. As long as I could haul it away, I could have this. The friend and her husband had a van so they got it and brought it to my house.

I spray painted the body silver and the drawer fronts blue and red. It sits in the basement and holds, not just a drawer full of patterns, but also a lot of my crafting items. If I am pretty sure I have it but I can't find it upstairs, then chances are good it's in one of the drawers in this unit.

I spent some time leafing through what's in this drawer. So many memories. I was going to make that or this and Carole had that in blue. Oh, there's her Christmas dress from 7th grade. That one was beautiful. I have some I bought with the intention of making and never got done. I look at these and realize I'll probably never make them. I know there's a huge market for vintage, but are patterns from the late 1980's and early 1990's considered 'vintage'? Is there a market for these? Should I try to sell the ones I never made?

I found the pattern for the next project. Now, I just need to find the specific material, and yes, I'm looking for very specific material which I have seen, in order to make it. I get an expense check this week. After taking care of essentials, a trip to the fabric store is in order.

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