Wednesday, October 5, 2011

And I Get to Go Again

You're seeing that correctly if you live in a big metropolitan area. That's $3.19 for gas. Where? South Bend, Indiana and I'm willing to bet they think that's expensive.

I had to go to Mishawaka, Indiana for a meeting on a job. It was a gorgeous day and I enjoyed every mile of the drive. Yes, coming back, my right leg started hurting, but knowing I was close to home and could sit and elevate the leg made the last few miles bearable.

I needed lunch so I pulled off the Interstate to head to something I spied. That's when I saw this price advertised. Right now, the cheapest gas close to me is $3.57. I didn't need gas to get home, but you know I filled it at that price. I have to go back to Mishawaka on Friday and I believe I can make it to South Bend on my half tank. You can be sure I'm going to fill it when I get there. Even a jump in ten cents is less than I pay here.

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