Saturday, October 8, 2011

Maybe It's Me?

As mentioned previously, I was on the road this week. It was a 2.5 hour drive to Mishawaka, Indiana on Tuesday for a meeting, a very productive meeting, to review the client's needs and what we could do for them. I like these kinds of meetings where they lay out the problem and I say, "Well, we can do this or this or you maybe could consider this." Plus, the weather has been gorgeous all week and I get to have lunch on the company since it's folded in with the fee we charge for a meeting.

Tuesday, I had lunch at Steak 'n Shake. I could see it from the Interstate but it took me a bit to find it as it's not close to the exit ramp. I walked in a little after lunch and the place was kind of empty. I was seated promptly but that's the only thing that was prompt. I had to flag down a waitress to be served. Where I was seated, I couldn't be seen over the drink dispenser. If they are going to seat someone there, they need to be more prompt about service.

Plus, the staff congregated there with one of the waitresses doing nothing but complaining about the restaurant manager. From what I could gather, she needed to be at her mother's that night but she was scheduled to work until 6. It also seems that she did not tell him until she was leaving Monday night. I don't blame the manager for being hesitant to let her go when he's got less than 24 hour notice.

One of the fry cooks was trying to 'put the make' on my waitress which further distracted her from serving me. Whatever he was whispering in her ear was making her giggle.

And the couple seated sort of across from me picked the restaurant to have a fight. "I'm tired of you treating me like dirt, Steve. I bend over backwards for you. I won't lie to your probation officer any more." Um...okay. I tried not to look at them, but they were in my line of sight, particularly her.

When Pam and I go out, we are very aware that our conversation can be heard by others in neighboring booths. You can't always keep your voice low, especially when you're emotional about what you're saying. But it just seems as if some things shouldn't be discussed at a restaurant, period.

Case in point. Yesterday, I went back to Mishawaka and installed equipment for the client. Gas had risen 20 cents in the intervening days but I think that's in anticipation of the Notre Dame-Air Force football game. It was still cheaper than around my house.

I decided to go to Bob Evans. There isn't one close to me and I could, if I so desired, get breakfast. I opted for a salad and a small serving of their chicken alfredo. I was seated across from a group of 4.

The only guy in the group was not eating. He spent the meal texting. The woman next to him spent the meal criticizing the younger woman sitting across from her. Everything about her, from her hair to her clothing to her job, was analyzed and determined to be inadequate. The guy would, periodically, chime in with how Robin or Renee or Rachel was better than this woman was. When she would defend herself, that just seemed to give them more ammunition for criticisms.

There was an older woman, "Grandma", with them who was, largely, ignored. She asked for water. I heard her. They didn't say anything to the waitress about bringing a glass of water for Grandma. She reached for an extra napkin and the guy moved them out of reach. Fortunately, a gal walking around refilling iced tea glasses saw that and promptly brought Grandma extra napkins and pointedly asked if she needed anything. They said, "No, she's fine," but I heard her ask for water which was brought right away.

The 'best' part was, as they were leaving, the older woman turned to the guy and said, "We could get some soup for you to take home."

He responded, "No. I can't stand this shit they serve here."

She stared at him. "Then why didn't you say something when we were picking where to go?"

"You know I don't care where we go," he shrugged.

"Well you could eat instead of being so rude," she shot back. They are standing right by my table at this point.

"You're the one who wanted to take your mother out to lunch. I'd have been happy staying home."

"And spending the afternoon in the garage drinking. That's what you're going to do anyway."

I just want to have a quiet lunch on the road. I'm thinking that although it's painful on my knees right now, maybe I should grab something at a fast food joint and not opt to sit. At least the company would be pleasant.

Beverage:  Cranberry pomegranate juice


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  1. What a way to watch and take notes My self i would have chimed in a comment or to But as to know me you would expect nothing less.:) love your reading keep it up ..... rog