Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The End of Another Fall

I had to drive to Mishawaka, Indiana today to pick up equipment. The reds and dark oranges are predominate now. It hasn't been this colorful in several years.

I'm sad that I could not enjoy it more, even just sitting on the deck. Winter's approach scares me, for the first time in my life. I want these 70 degree days to linger until, say, December 15th. Then we can get 6 inches of snow which hangs around through early March, just enough to remind us of winter but not so much that I'm terrified to shovel it.

It was nice to be out and about. My right knee started hurting after 2 hours in the car. I am going to Iowa in November. I will need to plan to get out at 2 hours and walk around a bit. I think that will help.

It was very windy today too and the zipper broke on the driver's side window. I'm going to stitch the window shut for winter. I can't afford to replace the top now. If I stitch it shut and cover the area with Gorilla tape, which I'm told is stronger than duct tape. I should be okay through the winter. It's always something.

Beverage:  Earl Gray tea


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