Monday, October 31, 2011

Make It Go Away

To say I am not looking forward to this evening would be something of an understatement. Under normal conditions, tonight would just be a mild annoyance. But knowing I don't move fast and will have to get up and sit back down weighs heavily on my mind already. I will be in the living room right when I get home as I want to get working on the next project, now that the material is washed and ironed. I can get those treaters who come to the door. But once I go into the office for the evening, I will not have the front light on, nor will I have any lights, save the one in the office. I'm hoping that sends a clear message that I am not handing things out this year.

It feels very weird, not planning to participate in this holiday. I'm not taking a stand against the wild distribution of junk food, although I have friends who don't participate for that reason. It a simple decision based on mechanics. It hurts to stand up and get going. I'm slow. Hence, it's just better for me not to be getting up and down at erratic times.

That does not mean I didn't get a bag of something to hand out. Until it's obvious I don't have my front porch light on, I'll still get the wee kids and I might as well have something for them. I figured this was good. I can take the rest to the office to share. Yes, I do call it sharing even if the candy dish is on my desk.

Beverage:  English Breakfast tea


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