Saturday, October 1, 2011

What I Need is Help When I Get Home

Getting out of the house on day 2 of time off was a 'simple' jaunt to the grocery. Well, nothing's really 'simple' but it was down and back.

I filled all my bags and had to get 2 plastic bags for the excess and there was laundry detergent and fabric softener that don't go in bags. I got everything on the list, everything for a change. 

I sat down in the morning and paid all the bills. There is a feeling that something hasn't been paid but I can't find anything that's not. Then I spent an hour looking over the sale flyer and deciding what I needed and what would be good to have on hand. 

It takes about 25% more time to grocery shop now. I'm slower and, in the case of the kitty litter, I have to use both hands to pick it up. Thankfully, I didn't have to lift it out of the cart to be scanned. 

I went to the Dominicks in south Wheaton. It's not as close as the one by the office but I had the thought I'd swing by the Chick-Fil-A near there and get lunch. When I got the total for the groceries, I wasn't sure of how much was in the checking account so I did not get lunch. I needn't have worried, but doing math in my head is fraught with problems so I came home and had the pizza I bought. 

The south Dominicks is so deserted. Very few people shop there even though it's a nice store with a lot of goods and wide, well-lighted aisles. So, there aren't many cashiers or baggers and it takes time to check out. They always ask if I'd like help out with my groceries. Generally I don't. Even yesterday, I don't need help getting the groceries from the cart into the car. What I'd like help with is getting them from the car into the house. 

Wonder what they'd charge for that service?

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