Sunday, October 2, 2011

If My Head Wasn't Attached

I'm missing address labels. While you might not consider this a crisis, I'm slightly worried.

See, I thought, back in July, I had used up what I had. So, I bought more. Exact same kind because I like them. There is an image of a cat on the left side.

I got something like 250 and they come on these nice, roughly, 6 inch by 9 inch sheets of paper. I was preparing some things for mailing and used the last label on this sheet. I can't find any of the rest. Zero. I have no idea where they have gone.

They were on top of my printer, along with the stickers for envelopes and stamps. I have those still here. No labels. I looked through the small stash of cards I have. No labels. I've looked behind the printer and behind the desk. No labels. I looked through the pile to the right. No labels. It feels like someone stole my labels but who would break into my house and take just return address labels. To say I am frustrated is an understatement. What could I have done with them? I'm convinced I did the same thing to the other batch I thought I used up. They have gone some place where these are.

Of course, I start to think that maybe this is a symptom of something else, something sinister, creeping up on me. Hence, in addition to my frustration at not finding them, there is worry that this is but one step down that slippery slope.

I can't decide if I want to order more labels. I'm worried I'm just throwing money away.

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