Monday, May 2, 2011

Sewing the Dress

I started sewing the dress yesterday. I have a number of friends who are urging me on to get it done. I know it's for my benefit but Megan says she "sewing vicariously" through me. I have to have it done this week.

The first thing I did was pin up the hem of the jacket and the jacket sleeves. I was going to sew those hems, but I am not sure the jacket hem is straight. I'm going to have to get Pam to look it over.

When that was done, it was time to work on the dress. I had an impediment.What I'm discovering about these two is that they don't move as my others did. When I tugged gently on the piece Pilchard is lying on, she just turned to look at me. It's that way with Mija and newspapers. My other cats, if I tugged on the item they were lying on, they got up and moved. Not these two. They claim it, for all cat-dom or whatever. So, I decided to do a load of laundry and, by the time that was in the machine, Pilchard had moved.

As with the jacket, I have to stitch the edges of the pieces to prevent raveling. I had problems with the thread not spooling onto the bobbin correctly and had to throw out quite a bit of thread. Ever the saver, I thought, if I untangled it, I could still use it. No. It wasn't worth it and untangling would have taken 4 times as long as just unwinding the spool and starting over.

Here is the result of yesterday's sewing. The front of the dress is sewn together and the hems on the jacket are pinned. I will work on the dress when I get home tonight. It goes together quickly even with the 13-pound roadblock.

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