Tuesday, May 3, 2011

One Thing Leads to Another

The facings on the neck and armholes of the dress for the wedding need interfacing. I found a roll of what I thought was fusible interfacing tucked next to the sewing machine. But when I opened it, it turned out to be "Wonder Under". If you've never crafted, you don't know about this stuff. It's great. It turns most anything that can be ironed into a heat-applied applique.Ugh. I hoped this wouldn't mean a trip to the fabric store. I was almost certain I had a bag full of interfacing. The trick was to find it.

So, into the office closet I went. I have a bag of fabric scraps from this dress and jacket. I know I have more scraps, with the intention of making a quilt (don't laugh), but I don't know where that bag is. I found some Christmas fabric, (Oh yeah! I could make what I was going to make out of that.) and two chunks of Iowa Hawkeyes fabric. (Oh yeah! I could make those two things I was going to make.) There's that pillow form but I don't remember why I have it. And there, on top of a box of fabric, is the bag holding the interfacing; many shapes, sizes and kinds.

I also found a bag of bags. I know I was saving these to use for wrapping those odd-sized gifts, but, you know what? I haven't given an odd-sized gift in at least 3 years. All of these were originally used for gifts or as shopping bags from stores. I didn't buy a one of them. There is no reason I need to hold onto a dozen gift bags.

It actually felt good to dump the bunch in the recycling can last night. De-clutter is a good thing.

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