Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Just Like in the Movies

Thursday, May 19th was travel from Youngstown, Ohio to Warrenton, Virginia. The map directions told us to pick up the Pennsylvania Turnpike and take that to 522, then go south. Ten years ago, I believe Carole and I drove this same route on her high school graduation trip to see Civil War sites. Our first stop was Gettysburg and we left early in the morning on a Tuesday, arriving in Gettysburg in the early evening. We rented a car for that trip.

So, the part where we picked up the turnpike in Pennsylvania to the exit with 522 seemed vaguely familiar. We passed a rest stop that I think Carole and I stopped at because it advertised ice cream and chocolates. The terrain wasn't familiar along the route, but I don't remember who drove what sections of that trip.

We came over a hill and saw a bunch of yellow warning signs. I wasn't sure if it was for a toll booth so mom prepared to hold up my I-Pass to pay the toll. That is one great change from 10 years ago. My I-Pass worked on the Indiana, Ohio and Pennsylvania Turnpikes. It was wonderful to be able to hold up the transponder and breeze right through the toll booths.

We got closer to whatever the signs were for and realized it was a tunnel. That's when I knew I had driven this before and that it was when Carole and I visited Gettysburg. I know the tunnel has a name, but I'll be darned if I remember what it is. Of course I'm going to take photos. The results struck me as being exactly like that opening ad in an IMax theater, you know the one. It advertises THX technology.

We were following a semi-truck.
A little after mid-point in the tunnel.
And here comes the end. 

I look at these photos and I can hear the music associated with that advertising segment. "Da da da..." Whoosh. We were going highway speed and the road wasn't that bumpy. I didn't realize the photos were blurry until I downloaded them. I kind of like the effect. 

And the movie will be "Muppet Movie". "Turn left at the fork in the road."

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