Monday, May 2, 2011

Mix 'n Match

I'm a big fan of separates, you know, tops and bottoms in a variety of colors. I like having three or four pieces and being able to create a wide variety of outfits using those pieces. Of course, I have lots more than three or four pieces but most things go with most everything else.

I have 2 more weddings this year, both in June. My oldest niece gets married June 11th and Jon, from the office, gets married June 25th. While the outfit is created specifically for Carole's wedding, having it for the other two means not spending money on one-shot clothes.

As usually happens, I was looking in the closet for something else and I found this dark fuschia shell. I've had this for a long time, worn it countless places. I put it on and then put on the jacket. It works perfectly. I almost thought about jettisoning the green dress and finding a cream-colored skirt to wear. It's a good thing I didn't because cream, ivory or bone-colored skirts are nowhere to be found right now. If I am to wear this to one of the upcoming weddings, I'm going to have to make a trip to the fabric store.

I put the shell back in the closet and stumbled across another shell I have.
While it doesn't quite match, this would work with a brightly colored skirt. The green of my dress and the green leaves in the jacket is a prominent color this spring. It is possible I could find a plain green simple skirt that would complete this ensemble. Then I have three separate looks for three separate weddings.

On the other hand, it's not like there's going to be overlap in guests at these wedding who might point and say, "Didn't you wear that to Carole's wedding?" I'm not much for dresses so where, after Carole's wedding, am I going to wear a bright green lightweight satin dress, other than two more weddings?

Still I like having options. We'll see. I gotta get through Carole's first and then I can see if I have time to make or shop for anything else.

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