Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Last Thing Has Arrived.

I'm ready for this wedding next weekend. Carole ordered Blue Moon ice cream for the reception. If you don't know Blue Moon, it's kind of a cross between Fruit Loops and bubblegum. It's definately an upper Midwestern acquired taste. I've had some bad Blue Moon and some really, really good Blue Moon. There was this ice cream place east of Viterbo when I was there. It was a good 10 block walk to get to. It was one of those 1930's-era stores that had been converted to an ice cream shop and they made Blue Moon. I remember walking there on late spring weekends and then in the summer when I started living in LaCrosse full time.

The other place that had exceptionally good ice cream was a place in Gaylord, Michigan. When we visited my sister and her then hubby, we would go to Gaylord to get Blue Moon. I can remember once, they were actually out of it. The place made their own ice cream and it was sooo good. The line on summer evenings would be out the door. But you waiting 15-20 minutes because you knew the end result was exceptional.

So, I'm thrilled that the gospel of Blue Moon will be spread amongst people who have never experienced it. However, as with any ice cream, I must have my toppings. Blue Moon could probably stand on its own but, for me, it will be better with a big dollop of

The box with four bottles of sauce arrived yesterday. I will get aerosol whipped cream on Friday, once we get to the area. I was certain that if I bought the whipped cream and brought it in a cooler, we'd stick it in April and Perry's fridge and remember it, oh, about an hour away from the hotel. Nah. I'm sure Virginia has grocery stores. 

Wedding cake, Blue Moon ice cream, fudge sauce and whipped cream. I'm sure the rest of the meal will be good, but can I have dessert first? 

Beverage:  Dr Pepper


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