Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Scottish for Breakfast

I've been out of Scottish oatmeal for over 2 months now. I love cooking this on weekend mornings. Add some brown sugar, raisins and walnuts and I've got a hearty breakfast that tides me over until early afternoon. But Dominicks doesn't carry Bob's Red Mill Scottish Oats. They offered to order some for me but the cost was more than if I trundled over to Whole Foods and bought it.

On Saturday, I went to Woodfield Mall to check out the large JC Penney there for shoes for the wedding. Across the street from the Mall is a Whole Foods twice the size of the one in Wheaton. I can just pop in here and get my oats. However, this is always dangerous because I could, very easily, overspend simply because they have so much more than my local store.

What I really like about Whole Foods is that I walk straight into the fresh produce when I enter the store. The Domincks near me remodeled the store to do that same thing while other stores do not. The best stuff for you assaults your senses the second you enter the store. It's hard not to pass through the fresh produce without picking something up. I got a bag of red, orange and yellow peppers. I love to eat raw peppers, no dip added. The colored ones are sweeter than green, which is very appealing.

Deeper into the store I went. I got turned around in looking for the breakfast aisle which is where my oatmeal is kept. The store layout is different than the one in Wheaton. I found myself walking through the pasta. There was an organic white cheddar and shells boxed pasta that looked good. I'll add organic frozen peas and Spam to it and have enough for two meals. (Don't bother pointing out how the Spam cancels out any feel good from the rest of the organic ingredients. I love my Spam.)

Oh yeah! I need beer. I've been out of beer for a month. I can afford to buy one six pack since I really don't drink it that often and it will probably last into June. Whole Foods has Belhaven and in 6-pack form. "Okay," I tell myself. "You're going shopping at Dominicks later. Get out of the store."

I set my purchases on the belt at the check out and the cashier asks, "Did you find everything okay?"
I said, "Oh yes, I got my oatmeal. I've been out of it for a couple of months. I can go back to oatmeal for breakfast now." 

The gal bagging my purchases looks at the oatmeal and the beer and says, "Mmmmm beer and oatmeal for breakfast." 

"Of course," I said. "What could be more Scottish than oatmeal and beer, especially if I make the oatmeal with the beer?"

You should have seen the look.

Beverage:  Huckleberry tea


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  1. My best friend, Patt, says, "We Minnesotans want to THANK YOU for supporting our economy by eating Spam! No complaints here. My grandma loved Spam. When Phil and Julie went to Korea to get Ellie (her son and daughter-in-law who adopted a Korean child), they took cans of Spam because the Korean folks like it so much and can't get it."