Thursday, May 12, 2011

I Think I Need to Be Here

I just found out about this today. It popped up on the side of my Facebook page. It seems this is an inaugural event.

It's Saturday, August 6th. Craft brewers from around Illinois will be competing for Illinois All-Star Ale Award. Tickets are $40 for General Admission and $65 for VIP admission. If I have the $65 and they haven't sold out because that's limited to 200 people, I'm going to get the VIP ticket. You get a t-shirt, which I don't really need, but you also get to sample sausage and cheese and rare and limited edition beers. Every attendee gets a free glass.

This is actually quite humorous to someone like me who has lived in this city since 1981. When we first moved here, Wheaton was dry. With Wheaton College and a plethora of religious organizations making their home in Wheaton, there was no incentive to change that. In 1984, however, a referendum went on the ballot to allow packaged stores. I can remember not being in favor of it, not because I don't believe in drinking alcohol, far from it, but the city had a character I rather liked because it was dry. The voters ruled Wheatonites could purchase alcohol. Then restaurants were allowed to serve it and now, you can get limited alcohol at some city festivals. So the idea that we are hosting an alcohol-driven event causes me to guffaw. City founders would be shocked, shocked, to see this.

So, if any of my area friends would like to tag along, let's do it. If it's a nice day, we can walk the 2 miles from my house to the festival. I'm excited at the prospect of some finely crafted beers to sample. Maybe I'll find a new favorite.

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