Monday, May 2, 2011

Down to the Accessories

Saturday's out and about was solely designed to find the elusive shoes for the wedding outfit. I've been pretty bummed since the pair I really liked were no longer available. I like JC Penney so I started there.

That didn't work. The only pair I saw that I liked had a 2 1/2 spike heel. The color was perfect but that heel is just not appropriate. So, I headed out into the mall to spend, what I figured would be an hour thanking early 20-somethings for showing me shoes that really didn't meet any of my qualifications. I've even been trying to psyche myself up for wearing the very first pair I got because I haven't sent them back yet.

I wandered into one of those hole in the wall shoe stores. You know the kind. Your bathroom might be bigger than they are and they last about 18 months before having a going out of business sale. It's named "Call it Spring". I explained to the gal the problem. I need something bone or ivory color with little to no heel. They had a very nice pair that I probably would have bought had it come in something other than this awful reddish peach or black. Then she said, "What about these?"
Silly me hadn't brought along a swatch of fabric from the jacket but I thought these looked very close in color. The heel is the "famous" kitten heel that Michelle Obama prefers. I might sink into the grass at the reception, but it's not going to be very far if I do. The shiny patent leather adds a sparkle to the outfit. I bought insoles as I felt being in shoes like this when I don't wear this kind of stuff much anymore would lend itself to pain. Let's cushion the blow a little. Plus, this outfit has 2 more weddings to go to. The whole package was only $2 more than the original shoes I got last month. Success! It was in and out of the store in 15 minutes.

Another thing I liked about purchasing my shoes at this place, this is how they were given to me to carry.
The box folds together and snaps shut. They add a woven cloth handle and you just carry the box around like this. Everything inside is made from recyclable materials. I removed the shoes and tossed the whole thing in my recycling can. No extra bag to dispose of.

This major headache is done. We have begun the countdown to the date. I can move on to other important decisions like what jewelry to wear. I think these are my choices. I don't know that I need to wear a bracelet since most of the time, I'm probably not taking off the jacket. Carole's colors are green and pearl so pearls seem to be an obvious choice. That's a tennis bracelet of emeralds and diamonds. I don't know if the pearl bracelet even fits my wrist anymore.

I'd like a little sparkle, too. I'm on the fence about a necklace for my dress since, again, it's not going to be seen all that much since I'll keep on the jacket. I'm leaning towards the earrings at the lower right of the photo. They are fake diamonds in gold. To the left of them are heart-shaped earrings which I like but they are missing stones from the setting, same thing with the circular ones at the upper middle. I haven't been able to find fake diamonds that I could replace the ones which have fallen out.

I did look at Penneys when I was there, but one of the problems is that I don't have pierced ears. I have a medical condition that precludes having pierced ears. I had the thought that buying real pearl earrings for my daughter's wedding was a good idea, but they had nothing that was clip on. What I'll wind up doing is getting dressed in the outfit and then standing in the bedroom in front of the mirror trying out various earrings.

Step-by-step, it's all coming together.

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