Monday, May 9, 2011

You May Be Able to Hear Me Now

I finally got a new phone for the home office. After trying to make a call on Friday night with the old one and realizing that the "1" worked only 25% of the time and the "6" worked only 50% of the time, I simply needed to shell out $15 for a new phone. I can now answer phone calls while I'm at the computer.

Plus, I dusted around the area where the old phone was. That was quite thick. I could write my name in it.

So, I have reconnected with the world from the office. Now, I won't have to try to dodge cats and then give up because I know it's gone to voice mail. I do have to try to figure out the "new and improved" voice mail I have now. I really would rather have "old and reliable" and who are the "you" who requested all these "updated" features. They didn't ask me.

Yes, I have become a curmudgeon.

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