Thursday, May 5, 2011

It's Down to the Sides and the Hem

It's still a bit shapeless but I got the facings and the zipper in yesterday. I did sew the neck facing on Tuesday but I have so many small errands to run that I didn't get as much sewing done as I wanted to on Tuesday. I prefer ironing things, especially facings which need a small amount of exactness in placing, when there is natural light out, so sewing after 7:30 isn't something I do right now.

I have to work late tonight but I am determined to get the side seams done. Then, all that is left is hemming, both the jacket and the dress, and the tacking of the facings to the seams. Pam's expert eyes will help with the hemming on Saturday. I don't know what I would have done without her encouragement. I'd probably be dashing through stores about now, horribly angry at myself for putting this off. And then I'd find something terribly overpriced that I didn't really like, but I want to get this done so I'll just buy it. I am so blessed to have best friends who can be sane and rational when I'm not.

It seems a long way from when I bought a bag of fabric with an idea these would work. I'm liking this, alot. Elegant but bright and colorful.

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