Saturday, May 14, 2011

Structural Integrity

I have had this box upstairs for over a year. It had things in it but I consolidated those items into a smaller box and tossed the box on the floor while I repackaged. She took to it and it's been in the living room since.

It's obviously a well-built box. That's 13 pounds of cat sitting on it. This is not Mija's box, either. The lighter toned one to the right is Mija's. She usually doesn't sit on it. She sits in it.

I was cleaning and I moved the boxes out of the way to sweep. She jumped up and sat down so she could watch me. They will go for a couple weeks without going near the boxes and I'll think, "Maybe I can toss these now." The day I decide that's what I'm going to do, they sleep in them.

So, I've given up. No thanks to the towers and cat beds costing hundreds of dollars. I just need to watch the structural integrity of one box.

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