Friday, October 9, 2009


This will be the first in an on-going series of posts on my favorites. Today's favorite, socks.

Anyone who knows me knows I like my socks loud. If they aren't loud, I don't buy them. I do have plain colored socks for those times when loud would detract from what I need to do but 90% of the time, patterns and colors are what I look for in a sock. You saw, back in May, where I was sewing the holes in the toes of socks and how all of those were patterns. Today, I am wearing solid chocolate brown socks.

In the morning, I reach to the bottom of the sock drawer and fish out a pair. Whatever pair I grab, unless it's the trouser socks or the fluffy bootie socks, that's what I wear. The knee high trouser socks are for those occasions where decorum must prevail over humor or I wear them with mid calf-length skirts. The bootie socks keep my feet warm. I would rather go barefoot but, in the winter, that's a mite chilly so I wear those.

To the left here are my all-time favorite socks. Carole gave me these for Christmas. They are soft and sturdy and feel very good on my feet. The socks shown above are my second favorite. They aren't as soft but they are colorful and I feel happy when I wear them. I was on a job when I took the above photo. Yeah, I was kind of bored because my job on this project was to be "gopher" and there wasn't anything for me to go fetch at the time. My third favorite pair is a medium teal blue pair made from hemp that my sister gave me two Christmases ago. They are also really soft and are a thicker knit. I like to wear those when I have to wear my work boots to a job.

I don't really need socks right now. Carole gave me three pair of Gold Toe socks for Mother's Day. Fixing the holes in the toes of all the rest has given me a huge pool for my daily choice. I could use a couple pairs of Iowa Hawkeye socks, however. Must put that on my Christmas list.

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