Saturday, October 10, 2009


I'm working slowly, almost a glacial pace, through a variety of things that have to be done or that I want done. Jon got the digital receiver hooked up to my TV and, wow, look at the picture. But, it won't get channel 7, ABC, and Iowa plays Michigan tonight on nationwide TV. Simple fix. Go to Radio Shack and get a coax cable and put the rabbit ears in the east window. Attach the signal booster to one end of the coax and attach the other end to the digital box. Hit "Search" and the ABC signal should be found by the box. Well, that sounds simple enough that I can do it.

So, I went to Radio Shack and bought a coax cable. I get home and screw the one end into the digital box. I go to attach the signal booster and discovered the ends are the same, both male. The coax cable has two male ends. I need a male and a female end. That means another trip to Radio Shack to either exchange the cable for one with the right ends or get an adapter. I don't want to go out again.

I'm working my way through things. I have swept behind the TV and dusted everything. I'm getting rid of my old DDR pads so I've started a pile at the end of the hall of "give aways". I found a nice box for stuff to ship to Carole. I am cleaning the bathroom. I spray cleaner on something and then leave so I don't start coughing. Right now, I'm working on the tub. It takes all afternoon to clean the bathroom this way, but my allergies don't act up. I went to make tea and have sorted the stuff I pulled off the top shelf of the cupboard. I removed the rest of the top shelf to see if I really do need to save all this stuff and Pilchard decided to use the step stool to explore. She came down the basement stairs 3 stairs today and didn't want to go back up as I was headed up with a basket of clean laundry.

Yes, I will be washing off the stove and any counters on which she walked. The point is that a month and a half of living with me and they have settled in and are getting braver about exploring places. They seem to recognize my footfalls on the front steps and on the deck. They still tend to run when I'm walking about the house, but I guess that's okay. I've kicked too many cats in my day when they go between or in front of my legs. They ran when Jon came by but came out for the rest of the evening about 5 minutes after he left.

As much as I miss the other 5, I love these two. Now if we can just get over the hissing.

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