Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Christmas Lists

Unless you play World of Warcraft, these might be a) mildly amusing or b) mildly disturbing. These are Murky, on the left, and Lurky, on the right, and they are plush representations of the denizens in the game people love to hate, murlocs. For those who don't play WOW, these creatures populate every location in the old world. The make a sound like a drowning man gargling which is enough, when you have a kill a lot of them, to make you turn off the game sounds. Occasionally, when you reduce the life of one to zero, it will die in a very "B" movie actor fashion. That's the reason I like to kill them, to get the "Oh my god, I'm dying" animation.

These belong to Jon. He ordered them off the WOW store web site and had them shipped to the office because he knew I would get a kick out of them. They reminded me that, in my family, we need to decide if we are drawing names for Christmas and, if so, lists have to be exchanged.

This has been a tradition my entire life. I never could understand the not having a list from which to work. In 22 years of birthday and Christmas gifting, my late-mother-in-law never asked what I wanted for Christmas. Maybe she asked my ex, but she never asked me. I got one gift in all those years that I actually remember being useful. There might have been others but I just remember the pair of navy blue sweat pants the exact size. I wore those for several years before the waistband gave out.

So, I've asked Carole and Chad for lists and have some ideas on what to get them. Actually, Carole is done for her November birthday and I'm working on Christmas. I have to write my mother and ask her feelings on Christmas as my brother is out of work and supposedly, my sister is moving, although this hasn't been verified. (Long story) Christmas is bound to be lean for everyone.

Would I want Murky and/or Lurky? Well, won't put them on my list but I wouldn't turn them away. I need new oven mitts. I would like a new robe and new slippers. I would certainly use gift certificates to Penney's so I could get long-sleeved shirts. I have a lot of turtle necks, but I would like something less clingy. Chocolate is always good and I have to get rid of my Iowa Hawkeye socks as I've worn the bottoms out.

It's interesting that, as I've aged, I've gone from wanting "stuff" to wanting "things". I don't want (or lack for) the accouterments that make my space lovely. But I am less about wanting those things and more about wanting things to replace items I have worn out. Hence, while Murky and Lurky would be welcome and I'd certainly find a place in my home office where they could watch whilst I "off" members of their race, I don't want them and my life wouldn't be tragic without them. If I don't get oven mitts this Christmas however, I am going to have to get some. Removing the potato skins from the oven over the weekend reminded me that I need to get new mitts.

71 shopping days left. What's on your list?

Beverage: Blackberry Sage tea (Ooooh I need more of this! Add to the list)


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