Tuesday, October 27, 2009

But this IS my halloween costume.

Gray Watch Month 5

I had Rodney take a photo when we got back to the office today. I need a haircut but can't afford it right now. Maybe, after the bills get paid and this checkbook thing gets straightened out, I can go in for a bangs trim, but $40 for a haircut is right out.

I have no idea why it looks like the top is yellow greenish. Is it mold? I'm beyond my "fresh by" date?

I don't look very happy, but I was downloading all the data we accumulated today. Open this program, click this, select this folder, click this. As I've sent weeks worth of data to the wrong folder by going too fast and then nearly panicking when I can't find it, I best just take my time and select the right buttons and folders and click "Yes" when I'm supposed to.

Carole will recognize the sweatshirt. We've had it for years. It's nice and comfortable.

Probably 2 more hair cuts?

Beverage: China Black Tea


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