Friday, October 2, 2009

Because I know you'll ask.

Not really.

Yes, having the Olympics in Chicago would have provided a ton of jobs for a depressed construction industry and, by extension, my company.

And it was 6 years out. The improvements to the infrastructure would have made getting around better.

In the end, however, the fact that South America has never had an Olympics sunk Chicago's bid. There was vocal opposition to holding the Olympics in Chicago and most people I know felt "meh" about it. I think the attitude in Chicago was "It's ours to lose" instead of "It should be ours to win". People resent you thinking you know what they are likely to do.

Hence, am I upset that it's going elsewhere? Not really. If it had been held here, I would have adapted, as I usually do, to whatever traffic strangulations would have occurred. As quickly as the winner was determined, I'm inclined to think any place in South America would have been awarded the Olympics simply because no Olympics have been held in South America. Which then goes back to the US attitude that it was ours from the get-go.

Oh well. The signs will come down now and we'll get back to abby-normal.

I think it's fitting that there's a cold rain out of the north today with temps in the low 50's. Mother Nature raining on Chicago's parade.

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