Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Cat feet

File this under totally random blog posts...

My cats have interesting feet. Pilchard's feet are big as she's a big cat.
They are bigger than a quarter, probably closer to half-dollar size. And because she's a long hair, there are these tufts of fur between her toes. I try to comb everything, including legs and feet. I'm very glad she's an indoor cat because having to pick mud or dirt out of these feet would be awful.

Mija's feet have an interesting coloration.
All of her feet have white on them with the back ones having more, almost a 'sock-like' effect. I find her front feet to be very interesting in color, how the white is distributed.

I'm trying to get them used to my touching their feet and pushing gently to expose the claws. Val said clipping nails was quite the "adventure". Other than Rascal, I never had a problem clipping anyone's nails. With Rascal, I would get her when she was sleeping, doing 2-3 at a time. Both of them growl when I hold their feet, but I figure, the more I do it, the more used to it they will become and then we can clip nails with ease. Fortunately, the Pilchard scratches can be covered, but they both need a clipping.

Fog can come on little cat feet, just not with claws.

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  1. Pilchard has fur between her toes because she's an indoor cat. Faux has that too. Our vet told us it only develops on indoor cats because outdoor cats rub the fur off being outdoors, and they need to be able to feel the ground with their toes in case of danger. Indoor cats can have the luxury of keeping their paws warm, at least the long haired ones.