Saturday, October 3, 2009

Errands before the rain.

Today was errand day. I got paid on Wednesday, paid my bills and then made lists of all the things I needed to get. I mapped out my route (you think I'm joking, I'm not) and made sure I had everything I needed to get everything accomplished.

Stop #1 - Glen Ellyn Post Office to buy stamps, mail bills and ship a package to Carole and to Amber. After years of saving stamps which appealed to us, Carole's not interested in saving them and neither am I. So, I'm currently working through the 37¢ stamps. I needed 7¢ to make legitimate postage.

Stop #2 - Macy's at Stratford Square Mall in Bloomingdale. Clinique is having their fall sale. I try to purchase in quantity so I don't have to come back when there aren't any freebies to be had. I have a lot of bags that I have received over the years, but they make great Christmas gifts filled with assorted things. I placed my order and will get my bag in a week.

Stop #3 - Hallmark Store. I haven't purchased a quantity of cards in awhile but Halloween is coming so I got cards to send to friends. I miscalculated and have 2 extra but they will get used. They also had this nifty treat box that I got at a discounted price for buying 3 cards.

Stop # 4 - Target. I got furnace filters which were on sale, Halloween M&M's and hair conditioner. Some shampoo or conditioner is always on sale at Target. Plus, they had Friday's potato skins on sale, for something quick and easy when I'm too tired to cook. Plus, I bought a birthday present for Tonia.

Stop #5 - I was putting the Target bags in the back and found a couple of letters that had fallen behind the front passenger seat. So a quick stop at the Carol Stream post office was in order.

Stop #6 - Dominicks grocery in Carol Stream. Bananas and cereal, bread and peanut butter, yogurt and donuts and other things; mostly items I ran out of during September.

Stop #7 - CVS Pharmacy in Wheaton. Picked up my allergy medication which I haven't really had to use. It's been a good fall for me.

Then I came home.

The cards are all addressed. The groceries put away. Cats have been played with and are asleep and now it's raining ever so softly. This was a good Saturday run. I still need garbage stickers but I can get those at the hardware store over by the office.

Now on to a load of wash and changing kitty litter.

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