Friday, October 23, 2009

Autumn Leaves

The autumn leaves
drift past my window;
the autumn leaves
of red and gold.

Johnny Mercer wrote the English lyrics to a French tune and it's a jazz standard.

It's been on my mind as the end of another October approaches. The maples have been brilliantly hued this fall in spite of it being the 8th coldest summer on record and and September almost 15 degrees below normal. We had a surprise one day reappearance of summer on Wednesday and the sunshine seemed to light up the trees.
These are in the lot of the buildings across the street from the office.

And then the rain started. It rained non-stop from Wednesday late evening through tonight. The weather map was a solid patch of blues and greens covering the northern half of Illinois.

According to the weatherman, we got 2 inches out of this. I'm told it was needed as it had been rather dry. Wednesday's 70 degrees has given way to today's 53. But, it could be worse. The Minneapolis area has seen measurable snow already, shoveling 3 inches, I'm told, so far. I'm not quite ready for that.

After two days of rain, my front yard looks like this...

Zeke mowed the grass Monday after work and he's not going to mow it again until all the leaves are down. This represents about a third of the leaves on this tree. I should go out and rake these into piles at the very least, but I'd have to get a rake, I think. I don't believe any of my rakes are still intact. It would do me good to be out in the yard where I have not really been able to be all year with my allergies.

Finally, I leave you with a small photo of the leaves on the front porch.

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