Monday, October 12, 2009

This vexes me - #3

I'm all for breast cancer awareness and the opportunity to raise funds to fight the disease.


You've gone and put my Cheerios in plastic wrap to "give" me a window cling because I've bought this box.

I don't want a window cling. I want my box of Cheerios without them being hermetically sealed.

I remember when toys came in the bottom of the box. That was the hook into buying the cereal. "Look for the free race car in every specially marked box of Sugar Smacks!" You had to dig to the bottom of the box and I can remember getting big mixing bowls from the cupboard and pouring the cereal out of the box to get to whatever was in the bottom. I remember when they weren't in plastic bags, too. It was just a toy in the bottom of the box, covered in cereal crumbs.

I can't remember the last time I saw "Free race car inside" on a box of cereal. The cost is probably now too prohibitive to do something like that. Even Cracker Jack, the king of inside the box gifts, has gone with very cheap paper items because it's too expensive to put "real" toys in their product.

And, to answer the question you've probably had swirling about in your head, the non-plastic boxes were 50 cents more. I came home, removed the plastic and the window cling, put the cling in the "give away" pile and have my Cheerios available for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Today, I had Cheerios without bananas. Maybe I'll nip over to the grocery at noon and get a bunch. It's THE way to start my day.

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