Monday, March 6, 2017

Denizens, Part 2

So these are the guys who caused problems with the front feeder. I got it up on the window and it took 2 days before someone was scoping it out.

If you've followed this space for any length of time, you remember how excited I was to see black squirrels in the yard. I had never seen one prior to a visit to a Canadian friend back in 2001. Four years ago, I saw them a couple blocks south. Now, I don't see them all the time, but their range includes my yard and, by extension, my window bird feeder.

I swear. Squirrels must be able to do higher math in their heads.

This little guy is one of the reasons the feeder doesn't stick. When I moved it up higher on the window and he couldn't reach it from the sill, he climbed the pine to the north, ran across the roof and fell off the gutters into the feeder. I have no idea how many falling attempts it took to knock the feeder off the window onto the ground.

A smaller version with more stability arrived in the mail last week. I need the weather to get above 65 to attach it to the window. I need to wash the window before attaching. I suppose we could make a bet. How long before they find the new one and pillage that?

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