Friday, June 13, 2014

On Vacation-You Won't Forget Us, Will You?

Years ago, I read an article that said if you were planning a trip of more than an overnight, you should bring your suitcase out several days in advance so your cats know something is going to change. They might even learn to recognize the suitcase as meaning you are leaving and they should anticipate someone else coming to care for them. I don't know if the girls know the suitcase because, for years, I couldn't afford to go anywhere for more than an overnight, but I brought up the suitcase and left it in the living room for them to sniff and lie in, if they so chose.

The first day it was out, they were in it. They were sniffing it. With the top flopped open, Pilchard would hide under the lid and charge out at Mija until Mija took a swing at her one evening. They watched as I dropped clothing and toiletries into the bag. Then, Wednesday night, I zipped it shut and stood it by the front door. I was ready to go.

On Friday, when we were getting ready to run errands, I pulled out clean clothes for the day and out popped this.

This poor bedraggled thing is a one of a set of wool felted mice I got last year for them. This one seems to be the one they prefer to attack and drag all over the house. I've found it in my shoes or on my bed and once, in the water dish. To say it is "well loved" is a bit of an understatement.

I did some laundry while I was at Carole's so I wouldn't have to pack enough clothing for the full week. This accidentally got wrapped up in the clothes I was washing so not only did it go to Virginia, but also it got a better bath than being dropped in a water dish.

We pet owners tend to anthropomorphise our pet's behavior, sometimes, to the extreme. We ascribe human traits to animal behavior. But I like to think that they saw I was packing for a longer stay than overnight and they were worried I'd forget them. So, they dropped a token of them into my bag. That way, I'd remember them all week. It's more like someone was playing with this, tossed it into the air and it landed in the suitcase. They left it rather than try to find it amongst the clothing. Still, it made me laugh. I'd never forget my girls and I'll always come home to them.

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