Friday, September 7, 2012

Why I Like Subway

Fast food sandwich joints are a dime a dozen around the office. Just over the hill is Jimmy Johns. In the strip mall with my bank is Jersey Mike's. Across the road is Quiznos. Go 4 blocks west and there's Meatheads and Potbelly and Subway. The grocery stores of Dominicks and Jewel have premade sandwiches and will make one for you off a limited menu. Going farther west, there's Panera, Arby's, Burger King, McDonalds and Wendy's with a sit-down place, Alfies, next to McDonalds. There is no shortage of places within easy distance to get a sandwich and this doesn't take into account the other places with other kinds of food that are within close proximity. Every single sandwich shop within a mile of the office has, at some point, wandered through here with free coupons to entice us into the store.

With all this choice, why do I continue to go back to Subway? There are any number of reasons not to eat at Subway. Two years ago, a couple of Subways, one of which I frequented because it was on the way back to the office from Chicago and I tended to make that drive at lunch time, had outbreaks of salmonella. That can be a death sentence for a restaurant. I don't remember what they determined was the source of the salmonella but I haven't been back to that Subway since it was completely closed and disinfected. That may have more to do with not traveling as much anymore as it does with being leery about sanitation.

Subway has come under fire for using breads that have high fructose corn syrup in them. Since I've been going there, the menu has changed to reflect the desire for healthier eating. Water, juice and tea are served. I remember when they weren't. I don't think the bread recipe has changed and yes, I can tell the whole wheat tastes a bit sweeter than the bread I buy for myself at home. I would wish they devise a bread that does not have high fructose corn syrup in it.

So why go there?
  1. The first reason is cost. That's a foot long sandwich, 12 inches, and I got it for $5.32. Value. That's pure value.  Everyone else around here, with the exception of Burger King, Arby's and McDonald's costs more. When you are pinching pennies, how much you get versus how much you have to pay makes a difference.
  2. Next, selection in breads. I go to Jersey Mike's because I have a free sandwich coupon. They have wheat and white rolls and that's it. Jimmy Johns has their roll and they will make a sandwich for you on white or wheat bread, that's it. Quiznos has white or wheat rolls. I haven't been to this Meatheads that just opened so I don't know what my bread choices are. At Panera, I can have a sandwich on any bread they have. Choice is more there. At Subway, there are 6 different breads and that makes each sandwich different. Plus, I can have it toasted or not toasted. Choice. Choice, in this case, is good.
  3. I'm a creature of habit when it comes to sandwiches. Subway introduces new sandwiches all the time, but I have turkey and provolone cheese with lettuce, green pepper, spinach and a line of yellow mustard. The only thing I really change is the bread. Sometimes, I'll have ham or turkey and ham, but 95% of the time, it's turkey. The appeal of Jersey Mike's is that they fresh cut the meat when you order. The appeal of Quiznos and Potbelly is the toasted sandwich. The deli at the supermarket will cut your meat to order. Other places have pre-sliced their meat and cheese and accompaniments. I fail to see where one way is better than the other really. 
What does it come down to? Well, for me, it's cost and taste. Other than the brand new Meatheads, I've eaten everywhere else that can possibly make me a sandwich. I just don't see that anyone else's offerings are any better than Subway's. If I'm traveling, I look for a Subway before anything else. It just seems fresher. I don't have to get a drink or chips but I usually do. If I lop those off the purchase, I have a large sandwich for under $6. You cannot beat that.

I've been going to this Subway for so long, they know me by sight now, ask how I'm doing and how business is. I have, on my wall, a fax sheet for if we all wanted to chip in for sandwiches. I usually go when I have to shop at the Hallmark store adjacent to it or it's the beginning of the month and I've been paid. It's nice to walk into a shop and hear, "Hello my friend! What kind of bread will your sandwich be on today?"I've not been real thrilled with the reaction of some of the area sandwich shops when I tell them what I want. "That's it?" they ask, rather incredulously. Hey, it's not your sandwich. You can put onions and jalapenos and 6 tablespoons of mayonnaise on YOUR sandwich, not mine.

I also think, in looking around at my other options, this is very healthy for what I get. If I didn't get the chips and drink, it would be much healthier, but sometimes, going to Subway is the only soda I allow myself to have in a month and, if finances are tight, I don't go.

That's why I go to Subway. Jared, and his highly touted weight loss means nothing to me. They are having an anniversary this month. I don't care about that either. They had a tie-in with Brave and with the movie Battleship. How nice. Can I order my food now? I don't pick food based on promotional tie-ins. Good food priced well means much, much more.

Beverage:  Edinburgh's Finest tea


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  1. also, check the back of your receipt for a survey. next visit you get a free cookie if you do it. Thrifty subway owners know this and won't give you a receipt unless you ask.