Saturday, September 29, 2012

Target Marketing Gone Wrong

Companies with goods and services generally pay a lot of money to target market their products. It's no good to market Iowa Hawkeyes merchandise to a fan of Minnesota and vice versa. So the following received in my mailbox this week struck me as hilariously funny.

This is target marketing gone quite wrong. First of all, I don't live in Virginia, not that I couldn't have a license to be a CPA in Virginia. But, that leads to the big thing. MATH! AAAHHHHH! The idea that I would ever be a CPA anywhere should reduce those who know me to fits of howling laughter.

I was tempted to send this back and say, " might want to get your money back from the company you paid to send these out" but I decided against it. Everyone should have a good strong belly laugh once per day. I got mine and now you have yours.

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