Friday, September 28, 2012

Didn't I Just Do This?

I took a couple days off in the middle of this week. That was incredible foresight on my part as I was not well on Tuesday and would have had to call off. I was better by early afternoon and so decided to start cleaning up the kitchen again. I have a hankering for chocolate baked goods although I realized, when I made whole wheat pancakes Tuesday morning, that I am woefully low on flour. But in order to messy up the kitchen I have to clean it first. I organized the dishes and prepared to fill the sink with hot, soapy water and found this.

I swear. Did I just toss one of these outside not two weeks ago? Maybe I just drowned it because it had spun a web between the drainer and the sink wall. This was done overnight, just, boom, there it was because I know it wasn't there Monday evening.

Yes, it's fall. The spiders are starting to come inside. I just have to chuckle and shake my head. Just what did she think she'd catch in this? I took it outside and banged it on the deck so she'd fall out and scurry away. I'm going to have to watch it now, however. It seems like it's several weeks early for them to be coming inside.

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