Friday, September 7, 2012

Hi Mom! You're Home!

It's been three years now. Three years since these two came into my life. I know I talk a lot about how they have made me feel whole, but it's true.

Over the summer, Mija has started doing something I've found quite endearing. One of the things I missed, very, very much, after Rascal passed away, was her waiting in the living room window for me to come home. From roughly 3:45 to 4:30 p.m., she would sit in the window sill and watch. She knew the Jeep and when I would pull into the drive, she'd jump down and sit in the kitchen waiting for me to come in the back door. It was such a delight and, after she died, I often broke into tears in the drive way when that little face wasn't in the window.

Every cat has a personality. Pilchard is my diva. She walks into the room and meows at me to let me know she's here. She just has the air of "I'm the big cheese" about her. I have to laugh at that because she's really not the big cheese, she just thinks she is. She's usually in the living room when I get home, sitting in a box, waiting, with an air of "It's about friggin' time you wandered in."

And then, there's Mija. She's standing on the organ that is in the living room. Behind me is the kitchen. I come home and if she's not there waiting, she comes running and jumps up onto the organ and all the way to the top. I just giggle every time. There is an exuberance here. She "talks" to me, almost like she's says, "Hi! You're home! I'm here, too! Are you going to get us treats soon?" (They get treats in the morning before I leave and in the evening when I get home.) She is right there, reminding me, as if I needed a reminder, that she's happy I'm home and it's time for treats. I suppose this is kind of "dog-like", but it makes my day.

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