Tuesday, September 11, 2012


As you know, the girls and I "celebrated" three years together over Labor Day weekend. They got a can of Fancy Feast, lots of ear and chin scratching and treats about every 3-4 hours. I had a bit of extra cash in August, thanks to all the traveling I did, so I decided it was time for new scratching pads and a new toy. The pads I had for them were, I think, a couple years old. They use them initially and then the novelty wears off and they go back to the ottoman or the rug or the back of the recliner which gets a "No! Stop!" from me.

They like the new pads but old habits are hard to break. If I sprinkle catnip on the pads, they use them for a couple days before, "Meh". Mija uses one very frequently. Pilchard, only when catnip is sprinkled on them. She will, however, lie down on one, just lie there.

I saw this and thought it might provide some amusement particularly when I'm gone during the day. It's a weight with a catnip infused mouse held on a wire. They were quite curious when I set it on the floor. Pilchard actually took some swipes at it. It rolls back and forth and is supposed to make the cat move in an attempt to catch it.

"Supposed", that's the operative word here. I picked it up off the floor last night after I accidentally kicked it into a corner. They played with it for awhile, but grew tired of it and there it sat on the floor until I kicked.

It's hard to figure out what these girls would like to play with. We have several different kinds of mice, catnip infused or catnip stuffed small animals, glitter balls and poles to which strings are attached. They play for about 20 minutes and then seem to be bored and wander away. They aren't deprived in any sense of the word. I just thought it would be nice to get them something to stimulate the sense of play. I put this in the toy box and will bring it out in another month when it might seem new. Perhaps I shouldn't look "outside the box", if you will. Maybe a couple of boxes taped together would be enough.

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