Saturday, September 29, 2012

Perfect Start to Fall Foods

Last Monday, I had to be in the city to do an inspection. One of the perks of having to be in the city all day is the ability to take a lunch on the client. Although some would head to some place with dollar signs in their eyes, I prefer to eat low on the monetary chart to be cost effective for the client.

On my way down, I thought about the places I'd be able to eat at and what I wanted. A salad. That's what I wanted. Something with greens and flavor. When lunch time came, I headed over to Michigan Avenue and started walking. I didn't have to walk very far, thankfully, before I reached Cosi and a grand advertisement for an autumn salad.

Doesn't this look lovely? It's called Autumn Apple Chicken Salad and it was so good. Mixed greens and grilled chicken are combined with roasted apples, which sounds weird but which gave the apples a unique flavor, dried cranberries, feta cheese and candied pistachios. The dressing is a carmel apple vinaigrette. Usually, I find something in salads that I don't particularly care for but not in this one. It was delightful and exactly what I had a craving for.

I'm not sure what was best, the salad or being able to eat lunch outside on Michigan Avenue on the first working day of fall.

Beverage:  Cranberry Raspberry Juice


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