Tuesday, September 11, 2012

We'll Be the Judge of This

Yup, that's what it's called. Says so, right on the bag. "World's Best Cat Litter".

You can imagine that I go through quite a bit of this. It's certainly nowhere nearly as much as it was when there were 5 felines living with me, but it's enough. All the books on cat care recommend having one box per cat and one extra. Hence, we have 3. I've noticed that they pee in two of them and poop in the other. I've never been quite sure why but the shorter walled litter boxes are easier for me to clean and that's where most of the cleaning occurs.

I've been fairly brand loyal to Fresh Step. All the cats I've had liked that litter. Perhaps you remember the scented fiasco of earlier this year. I've been very careful to look at the packaging now so scented never comes across the threshold. Fresh Step has a program whereby you plug a code printed on the inside of every box and you get points, redeemable for items. It's a silly reason to be brand loyal but, once I got started, the cats liked the stuff and it was reasonably priced.

Lately, however, the codes printed on the inside of boxes have been impossible to read. I have no idea how many points I have. I haven't redeemed any as I was working toward a cat tower. I've seen, in the rare loyal programs to which a belong, a change in what you can get with your points. They are pushing magazines. I don't need more magazines. I have the the pile on the ottoman cut by 3/4ths now. Although I hear books calling to me, I am determined to get the magazines down to nothing by the end of the year. Plus, Fresh Step has gone up in price while Arm & Hammer kitty litter has gone down. Well, loyalty program or no loyalty program, the pocketbook reigns here.

I started reading Cat Wisdom 101 and one of the sponsors is the above kitty litter. I can get, one time only, a free bag of litter. Well, free tends to be up my alley. I would buy the litter and send in the UPC with the receipt and be reimbursed. So, needing litter, I checked for this at the store. It's not real cost effective. I got an 18 pound bag for $8.19, on sale. Twenty-five pounds of Arm & Hammer is $8.99. This is going to have to be really incredible stuff for me to switch. Even a math phobe like me can see which is the better buy.

It's made from ground up corn stalks; for real. In fact, as I was scooping it out of the bag, bits and pieces of dried corn kernels were seen in the mix. It feels just like any other scooping litter. It does not have the dust of Arm & Hammer or Fresh Step, something I very much appreciate. It also does not have a chemical smell. Even the "unscented" cat litter has a deodorizer smell to it. This smells like chopped up dried corn. Having grown up on a farm, I know precisely what that smell is. The question is, how well will it do the job and how will the girls like it?

There have been some instances lately of peeing outside of the box. That's usually a sign of urinary distress or anger at something in the house. I've never caught who is doing it but I'd walk in the door after coming home and wow. Um...yeah. Since going to this, no one is peeing outside the box. I won't say they love it, but they tolerated the mixing of the Arm & Hammer with this in one box only, quite well.

I'm not completely sold simply because of the disparity of cost. If this was a couple dollars cheaper, I would go with it in a heartbeat. "World's Best"? Well, I think it has a lot of merit and, if money is not an issue, yes. Where money is an issue, Arm & Hammer on sale can't be beat.

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