Saturday, September 1, 2012


I've mentioned, in previous posts, how pieces for quilts were taken from clothing that has been worn out. When it ceased to be fixable, it went into the pile to be cut apart for quilting.

I'm going through the latest box of fabric and out comes this.

I remember this. I remember wearing this. I believe I wore this in kindergarten as, at the time, girls were not allowed to wear pants to school except in the winter and then, we had to take them off when we got to school. Oh my. I remember. 

The skirt is not attached to the back bodice anymore. I think it can be repaired, however. A gentle hand washing and a check of the seams and I think it could be worn again. I didn't see anything else wrong with it. 

Another dress was in the box.
This is not something I wore. I have no idea who would have worn this. It's in much more serious condition with parts of the front missing. This is definitely a candidate for the quilt pieces bin.

But my dress? I don't have a granddaughter, yet. I may never have a granddaughter. I can't bear to put this in the quilt pile. I remember feeling wonderful when I wore this dress. I don't think anyone made it. I'm fairly certain it was purchased. I don't remember my sister wearing it, although hand-me-downs weren't uncommon in my family. I'm going to fix it, clean it and keep it. No, it really serves no purpose to keep it other than to hold onto a time when life was wide open and I wore pants to school under my dress.

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