Monday, July 16, 2012

Only One Got Done

It was supposed to be a reasonably decent weekend, meaning no oppressive heat. Yeah, and I'm the Easter Bunny.

Saturday, we got much needed rain in the form of small showers. It wasn't nearly enough to green up the grass, but none of it went to waste. I couldn't be outside, pruning back the overgrowth or fixing the pig and chicken as I would like. I also noticed there are probably wasps setting up shop in the garden shed so I'll have to spray them and "invite" them to move along.

Sunday dawned warm and humid but with no wind. So that's the perfect day, in spite of the heat, to get one small outdoor project done.

I have this pig and this chicken small statues on the deck steps. I got them a decade ago when visiting a then friend in Port Perry, Ontario, Canada. They are reinforced plaster. I remember the artist's card that came with them saying they will adopt "character" as the years passed by. I looked at them and could see the years sloughing off more bits and pieces and, eventually, I'd have nothing. So, I decided to refresh their coat of paint to make them more non-winter-hardy. Once the weather turns cold, they are put in storage. I don't leave them outside in the winter. If I had room for them, I'd put them on display in the house. Alas, they spend their winter in the shed with the lawn furniture and flower pots.

Ten years have given them "character" but I preferred them to be the solid color they once were. In looking at the chicken, there is gray and aqua blue and a white, probably a primer. What color to paint them? After standing in the spray paint aisle for a good 15-20 minutes and having 3 people ask me if they could help me, I decided on this color. There was no light gray. There was a "silver" but that was, silver. There were several variations, owing to three different manufacturers of spray paint, of dark gray. I wanted a light blue gray. The front steps color is too blue and not enough gray. I should have brought one of them to the store. They could have mixed me a quart of the desired gray which would have matched, perfectly, what they were before being sprayed. But, I didn't think of that at the time and wanted spray paint so it would be easy to do. That was Sunday's project.

The heat made the paint dry quickly. It took a couple hours to do both as they have so many nooks and crannies that I had to spray each side many times to get every spot covered. Here they are painted.

And here they are on the steps.

You probably could say this is my "blue phase", with the steps being painted a color similar to this. I'm very happy with the result. they look fresh and new again. I figure the sun and rain will weather this color too and next year, I will probably have to do some touch up.

Personally, I think the pig even looks happier.

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