Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Let The Summer Bounty Begin

Zeke stopped by last night. First of all, it was to check on the yard. While it doesn't crunch anymore when you walk across it, it's still brown. The rain we've had lately has caused the back to start to green up and it will probably need a mowing in another week. I've got all this Queen Anne's Lace everywhere but it's kind of neat.

The second reason was to see if I would like some of his excess produce.

He dropped off two cucumbers. Now, I'm not a real big fan of them, particularly when they get large. The smaller of the two, I sliced this morning and will dip in garlic dressing as a side with lunch. I like them when they are small. The larger one, I'll bring into the office tomorrow and see if someone wants it.

Zeke asked if I would take fresh tomatoes. Now, I love tomato sauce and tomato juice but raw tomatoes just aren't my fancy. The guys at work, however...

This has been a perfect summer for tomatoes, other than the need to water them every day due to the drought. Tomatoes love hot weather. Zeke said he's got dozens of green tomatoes on his plants so in the next week, he'll be bringing some over. Depending upon the kind, I can probably turn some of them into juice or sauce. The rest come to the office.

Handing me fresh picked produce makes me kind of long for a garden of my own again. I did that years ago. I grew all sorts of things. Not only were you guaranteed of fresh picked and organic produce, it reduced your food budget. I froze a lot of things. There's almost nothing to compare with fresh garden peas in January.

Wheaton has a rather large farmer's market on Saturdays just off the downtown. I've never been there. I should go see.

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