Sunday, July 22, 2012

Yes Please. Full Tank Please

On Friday, I had to drive to Davenport, Iowa to do an inspection for work. "Had" really isn't the right word there. I "got" to go to Davenport to do an inspection is perhaps the better sentence. I don't get to go out of the office much anymore as someone should be there for phone calls and I can't do the heavy field work I used to do. Inspections, I can do those. It might be a lot of walking but I can pace myself and still get the work done.

It was the best day out of the last 2 weeks to be 1) driving across the state and 2) being outside to inspect a farm with 5 out buildings in addition to the house. There was a nice breeze, not a wind. It was mostly cloudy so when I was outside, I wasn't in the sun. And, best of all, the air temperature hovered around 82. Love those kinds of days.

I arrived in Davenport 30 minutes early so I drove around a bit to get my bearings. South of Davenport is Buffalo, a small river-side community. Oh my. Look at the gas prices. When I left Wheaton, I filled the tank for $3.63. This is $3.25. Once the inspection was over, I refilled my tank. I was a bit worried about being able to pay for the gas I knew I'd need.

Thanks, Iowa, for having cheap mid-grade gas. It made my pocketbook happy.

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