Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Are You Sure It's Not Lunch...or Dinner...or Breakfast

What is it about chocolate chip cookie dough? When you think of cookie dough ice cream, it's usually filled with chocolate chip cookie dough. Why is that?

Well, chocolate, for starters. And there is the sweet dough. It seems to be just the right mix of ingredients and it's pretty hard to botch a batch of chocolate chip cookies. You can add walnuts or oatmeal to them but what people remember are the chocolate chips.

And it's soooo good when it's raw.

I made cookies over the weekend. The warmth of the kitchen made the butter softer than I'd like for cookies so I had to put it in the fridge to firm up. Remove from fridge and, oh gee, I need to taste to make sure they are acceptable. Yeah, that's what I'm doing, checking the quality. I didn't eat all the dough. I got most of it baked.

I also made Snickerdoodles. Those are just a sweet dough, almost a sugar cookie consistency, that are formed into balls and rolled in a cinnamon sugar mix.

Here are pre-baked doodles. And here are baked doodles.

The photo from the cell phone isn't the best. They are a lovely golden color with cinnamon sugar all over them. They were part of baking marathon that included 3 kinds of sweet bread.

Several friends were commenting on the baking posts I have up in the blog so I told them I'd send goodies. All of this was divided amongst 3 boxes and organized into plastic bags, those same plastic bags that have vexed me since I bought them. But, once they get to their destination, if the recipient has to get into them with a scissors, well, they are where they need to be and the bag won't matter. Everything shipped yesterday so I just wait to hear when the boxes arrive.

So back to the cookie dough issue. It's so good, maybe I should make more. I think the world would be a better place if you could give everyone a cookie without people worrying about ulterior motives behind said cookie. No, they aren't gluten free. I guess they would be sort of vegetarian but it's not vegan since there are eggs in the batter. If you're allergic to chocolate, you can have a snickerdoodle. I can imagine the hew and cry against someone wanting to offer people a cookie just because. There must be an ulterior motive.

(sigh) I think I'll just keep the cookie dough in the fridge and eat it. Talk about a comfort food.

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