Saturday, July 7, 2012

Evidence of the Heat

I was headed to the basement to do a load of wash and glanced outside.

Whoa. Laundry can wait. 

At 10 a.m. on this Saturday morning, it was 91 degrees. Four hours later, the temps hover around the 100 degree mark. This doesn't bode well for my flowers. Each one of them, the geraniums and the pot by the deck stairs was given a full pitcher of water. I rinsed out and replaced the water in the bird bath too. I've seen a female cardinal and several chickadees drinking out of it so I'm trying to keep it full and fresh. It's been evaporating quite quickly in the heat. 

An hour later, the flowers looked so much better. 

Plus, the trees overhead had started to cast shade and that will help minimize evaporation. My small garden is doing well this year. I need to deadhead some flowers tomorrow when it's supposed to be cooler. We'll see. 

Beverage:  Blueberry juice


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